Talkspace is an online therapy service, which allows people to have periodic live sessions with a licensed therapist over a […]
Online therapy and counseling companies, like BetterHelp, are akin to traditional in-door counseling. The only difference between the two is […]
Most individuals have struggled for a long time while trying to understand personality, and several theories have been established to […]
A mental health assessment is where a professional, like a psychologist, doctor, or psychiatrist, checks your body to ascertain whether […]
The Global Assessment of Functioning (or GAF) scale is an internationally recognized measurement system for mental health. Its primary purpose […]
Nothing feels normal when one is dealing with depression. Most of the time, a depressed individual will struggle with everything, […]
Often you get to hear these two terms, anxiety attack and panic attack, being used interchangeably by behavior health professionals […]
Acknowledging that you need help is the first step to healing. While you may be able to access therapy within […]