How To Help Someone With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The biggest challenge when learning how to help someone with anxiety is that anxiety is often catching. By definition, a panic attack means an out-of-proportion response to the situation. Frequently, dealing with someone with anxiety can be overwhelming for the

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Experiencing an existential crisis—questioning the meaning and purpose of life—can be daunting. It goes beyond negative thoughts and emotions, anxiety, or depression, which many people will suffer from at some point in their lives.

If you’re worried you may be

Anyone dealing with mental health struggles knows the challenge of identifying precisely what's going on in your head, and self-diagnosis can lead to additional stress and missed opportunities.

Today, we'll look at a specific mental health problem, which goes by …

Panic attacks can be overwhelming—with random waves of fear, stress, and dread, leaving you uncomfortable and even temporarily immobilized.

The good thing is that simple strategies, like taking deep breaths, can help you manage most panic attack episodes.

Here we …

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Watching porn can be a tool of sexual satisfaction among many men and women worldwide. However, with the availability of internet pornography, the risk of suffering porn addiction is quite high.

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High Functioning Anxiety vs Crippling Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are parts of everyday life; it’s something most people deal with at some level, but when does anxiety become a disorder?

Anxiety becomes a problem when it starts taking over your life and interferes with daily tasks

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