Nootropics have become a popular brain supplement that aid brain cells and provide a boost in mental energy.

Especially in today’s hectic world where mental speed and brain health have become exceedingly valuable for many people, it’s only right that they take only the best nootropic dietary supplement available.

Noocube is one among many nootropic supplements in the market today that claim to improve mental health, from cognitive function to mental clarity.

This Noocube review will answer if it’s the right nootropic that could help boost memory, maintain focus, and help with one’s overall brain health.

Get-to-know Noocube

Noocube’s official website provides claims that state they set themselves apart from other nootropic supplements by providing users with a supplement that’s free from GMO, gluten, and caffeine

Furthermore, the ingredients Noocube contains are 100% organic, such as Cat’s Claw, green tea, and Bacopa Monnieri.

It is notable that Noocube does not use any caffeine as part of their brain supplements’ ingredients, considering that most nootropics employ the substance as a way to increase boost brain functions (despite doing it forcibly).

Even more commendable is the fact that this Noocube review was able to discover that the supplement can provide better mental speed; better cognitive functions; and a sharper memory while keeping itself caffeine and gluten-free.

Noocube Effects

Nootropic supplements like Noocube provide all-natural brain stimulation that positively affect the person’s neurotransmitters.

Those who take Noocube should expect better brain health from improved levels of acetylcholine, serotonin, glutamate, and dopamine, which are the building blocks to boost brain cells and the cognitive functions they provide.

This Noocube review has found out that as a result, many people who use Noocube per day are able to focus on tasks more efficiently; able to retain things from memory at a better pace; and even stave the effects of cognitive impairment.

That said, this organic nootropic supplement also helps keep the body’s amino acid levels in check in addition to promoting acetylcholine in the brain, which then results in a degree of resistance against problems like dementia or anxiety.

Taking Noocube does this by keeping the mind sharp with its natural ingredients. 

The Benefits of Noocube

In the course of doing this Noocube review, even more positive effects from this dietary supplement have been revealed aside from improved memory and focus.

Its manufacturer’s official website states that taking Noocube, given the natural ingredients—like wild green oats and oat straw— included therein could also help its users get long-term benefits.

These include: elevated moods; an improvement in mental energy; sharper memory; proper focus; and overall better information retention brought by better brain health.

Aside from those, various Noocube reviews have found out that dietary supplements like this are great at maintaining healthy neurotransmitter levels, which then help improve alpha 2 waves.

As a result, many people using Noocube also have lower anxiety levels and are able to get the benefits of improved mental capacities when retaining information for short-term memory.

Making Noocube Work for You

Brain supplements like Noocube have no set dosage amount per day in order for one to get all the benefits from this supplement. Simply put, Noocube can be taken on an as-needed basis, which depends on the person.

However, this Noocube review highly advises that the official website’s guidelines be followed, mainly that the most one could take of these nootropics on any given day is four (4) pills. 

Moreover, one must be aware that numerous Noocube reviews have discovered that taking a total of four amounts to a doubled dosage of this supplement and could lead to some unwanted side-effects.

Just keep in mind that taking too many nootropics—even if it’s in the name of better memory, brain function, or improved focus—is never a good thing.

This review recommends that those who are using Noocube for the first time try it at doses that number 1-2 pills a day. Ideally, the best time to take this supplement is right after the first meal of the day.

From there, one could be able to gauge whether they should increase the dosage of this nootropic; it’s a gradual transition, to speak plainly, in order to maximize its effects and properly improve one’s brain function.

What’s in Noocube?

One of the most commendable things that this review has discovered is that the manufacturer’s website provides as much information as possible when it comes to the ingredients of their supplement.

As such, potential users don’t have to do a lot of work to find out how this cognitive supplement could help them. These ingredients work together in order to come up with a proper help for one’s mental health.

Below, you’re going to find the ingredients used in Noocube:

Alpha GPC 

Alpha GPC, or Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, is one of the most common ingredients used in nootropics due to its properties that aid in cognitive function and memory improvement, and Noocube is no exception.

However, instead of the usual 100-200 mg dose of Alpha GPC found in other nootropic brands, Noocube’s website explicitly states that they’ve formulated their supplement with a humble 50mg of this substance.

Studies have shown that Alpha GPC is a potent brain enhancer, especially for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, as it provides overall better cognitive functions.

Bacopa Monnieri

One of the ingredients in Noocube is bacopa monnieri, and it has 250mg of this all-natural substance. 

Bacopa monnieri is a very effective supplement that helps the individual grow their neuron dendrite supplies, which then lead to more efficient and faster neural and nervous repair. 

All this then results in an overall boost in one’s brain health and cognitive processes, and it’s particularly important for people of advanced age, as this is the point in time when their general bodily functions tend to gradually slow.

Huperzine A

Huperzine is yet another one of the most popular nootropic ingredients that Noocube’s website states their supplement contains. To be more specific, they included 20mg of it for every given dosage.

Huperzine A plays an integral part in the prevention of actylcholine deterioration in any given person’s brain chemistry. 

And when it comes to the brain, noocube is able to work with its proper huperzine A dosage by providing improved focus and concentration for its users. Generally speaking, this substance is the one responsible for providing clarity in one’s mind.

Oat Straw

Oat Straw, which clocks in at 150mg per dose of Noocube, is a natural anti-inflammatory that’s been used for hundreds of years. 

Specifically, oat straw is responsible for improving a person’s alpha-2 waves in the brain, which lead to numerous benefits.

For one, it reduces anxiety; for another, it’s even good in protecting the body’s arterial walls from infection. More still, is the fact that oat straw improves circulation in the brain.

Cat’s Claw

One of the most intriguing ingredients you’ll find on the Noocube website is the exotically named Cat’s Claw, which could be found in 175mg doses per pill. 

Cat’s Claw is a very effective antioxidant that removes free radicals (natural contaminants) from one’s system. This leads to better cellular regeneration, especially for older individual’s who are more prone to this particular condition.

L theanine and L tyrosine

Although these two ingredients are each distinct in themselves—even Noocube’s website puts it that way— this review opted to put these two together in one entry due to the fact that these amino acids work together closely in providing the body with better mental health.

First of all, one will discover that Noocube contains 250mg of L Tyrosine per dose. 

L tyrosine is a substance that helps the body produce dopamine—a neural substance responsible for elevated moods, such as pleasure and a lighter disposition— more efficiently. In doing so, the person’s alertness levels are considerably raised, allowing them to focus more and retain information at a faster pace.

Then, there’s L theanine, which could be found at 100mg per dose of Noocube. This, on the other hand, is an amino acid responsible for enhancing the body’s capacity to make the most out of caffeine’s positive effects, all the while minimizing its negative side-effects. 

L theanine is also effective in stress relief and reducing anxiety levels, which allow individuals to have longer attention spans and a boost in brain activity.

As such, these two amino acids work hand in hand to improve one’s overall brain health.

Noocube Side-Effects

This Noocube review was able to find out that much like other brain supplements available in the market today, the side-effects of Noocube are mainly brought about by its active Huperzine A ingredient. However, it must be noted that none of these are serious, as the side-effects Noocube bring are:

  • Negative moods
  • Reduced focus levels
  • Stomachaches
  • Disorientation

It is always best to consult with a physician if these side-effects are experienced.

Acquiring Noocube Supplements

It is of utmost importance that individuals who want to take this particular nootropic purchase it straight from the manufacturer themselves. A third party, such as a Noocube Amazon purchase, might come with additional perks but definitely not worth the risk. 

As such, the official Noocube website where interested people could buy these pills in bundles or one bottle per transaction could be found here. They’ll just need the client’s name, email address, and other important information to get your supplements to your location.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules and may take up to three weeks to arrive at its designated doorstep, depending on where you are, since Noocube is a U.K.-based company.

One nifty perk this Noocube review discovered is that the company has a 100% money-back guarantee placed for their products in case those who take them are not completely satisfied.

Alternatives to Noocube

Mind Lab Pro

This nootropic capsule boasts several B vitamins along with natural ingredients like Lion’s mane mushroom and rhodiola rosea. Aside from the usual benefits that users could get from brain supplements like this, Mind Lab Pro places a specific priority on stress relief and mood enhancement.

Qualia Mind

Qualia mind is a supplement that focuses primarily on neural health. It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin D in its formula, as well as organic substances like coffee berry, velvet bean seed extract and rhodiola extracts. 


BrainPill is best for those looking to improve brain circulation, as its use of ginkgo biloba and folic acid as its primary ingredients are aimed towards this goal. Additionally, BrainPill is great for people who need an extra overall energy boost.

Pros and Cons of Noocube


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Great ingredient variety
  • Claims supported by scientific research
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Only available through official website
  • Shipping takes up to 3 weeks
  • Slightly pricier than other brands


Noocube is arguably one of the best dietary supplements in the nootropic category that people could get right now. 

It’s a capsule that’s packed with an almost 100% organic makeup, which makes it stand out as a, GMO-free, gluten-free, and caffeine-free alternative to other brain supplements out there.

The only couple of flaws that this Noocube review found is that shipping these capsules to their appointed address takes longer than other brands and that they’re just a bit more expensive than other brands.

All in all, Noocube is a highly recommended brain supplement.


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