Performance Lab Nootropics Review

Whether you’re looking for a way to boost your grades or professional performance, or to start preventing age-related degeneration now, you want the best. When diet and lifestyle don’t make the cut on their own, the best can involve nootropic supplements. 

A quality nootropic supplement not only improves your cognitive performance now, but provides long-term brain health support. Let’s take a closer look in this Performance Lab Mind review at how we can achieve both of these goals. 

Performance Lab First Look:

What We like 

  • All four ingredients have multiple benefits for brain function.
  • Contains L-tyrosine, the precursor to dopamine and noradrenaline.
  • Uses citicoline and phosphatidylserine for cellular regeneration.
  • Ingredients to support brain cell membrane formation.
  • Includes maritime pine bark extract for powerful antioxidant support.
  • Performance Lab products contain no harmful fillers or synthetic additives.

What We Don't Like 

  • The website mentions research on proprietary forms of ingredients, but there are no links to the original studies.
  • Only available on the Performance Lab website, reducing the availability of independent public reviews.
  • The formula features no essential vitamins. These must be purchased in separate Performance Lab products.

Deals Available

  • Purchase a three-month supply and receive one free bottle, reducing the cost per dose by approximately 25%. 

Bottom Line

Performance Lab Mind is a high-quality nootropic supplement, containing research-backed ingredients that support brain health now and into the future. If you are impressed by our Performance Lab Mind review, check it out here.

What Is Performance Lab Nootropics?

Performance Lab’s nootropic supplement is named Performance Lab Mind. It is a four-ingredient nootropic stack formula, containing L-tyrosine (as Ajipure), citicoline (as Cognizin), phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS Green), and maritime pine bark extract. 

Who Manufacturers Performance Lab Mind Nootropics?

Performance Lab Mind is designed and formulated by Performance Lab, a UK-based company. Their manufacturing arm, Opti-Nutra, is based in the USA. Opti-Nutra is both FDA-registered and GMP-certified, guaranteeing quality from both government and independent sources. 

Is Performance Lab Mind Legit?

As Performance Lab Mind is manufactured by a well-known company in an FDA-registered facility, it is a legit supplement. Quality control is independently verified by a third party, and some of the businesses Performance Lab partners with are linked to on their website. This way, you can contact them too if you’re really unsure. 

Performance Lab Mind Ingredients

Performance Lab mind is a simpler nootropic than many others, containing just four ingredients for cognitive enhancement:

  • Cognizin (Citicoline).
  • Ajipure (L-Tyrosine).
  • Sharp-PS Green (Phosphatidylserine).
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

However, it is no less potent than other options, and each ingredient has more than one benefit.

Cognizin (Citicoline)

Cognizin is a brand-name formulation of citicoline. It is a safe supplemental form of choline, as directly taking choline may result in its conversion to the inflammatory metabolite TMAO which heightens the risk of heart disease. As choline absorption into the brain declines with age, we need to find ways to restore its levels. Its presence in fatty foods may be one reason why ketogenic or low-carb diets can improve brain health. 

Choline is used to make acetylcholine, which is the major neurotransmitter for cognitive performance. Choline is also necessary for brain cell membrane formation—along with the membranes of every cell in your body. Even better, it protects the integrity of your mitochondria (the energy-producing centers of the cell) and increases dopamine and noradrenaline output. 

Taking Cognizin could prevent age-related decline in cognitive functions too. A clinical study of 99 people over 50 years old found that, after 12 weeks, the supplemented group enjoyed a significant improvement in overall memory. Composite memory, spatial span, and feature match scores all showed gains in people taking Cognizin, but not the placebo [1]

performance lab nootropics Effects of citicoline on memory in healthy older adults

Citicoline showed to improve the memory score in different tests over the course of 12 weeks

Even better, citicoline may support brain cell regeneration, even in serious situations such as stroke. Clinical studies show that supplementing with up to 2 grams a day can even reduce lesion size, such as the drop from 62mL to 17mL seen in one study. Citicoline may support the growth of new brain cells wherever they are needed, not just in specific regions [2].

Ajipure (L-Tyrosine)

L-tyrosine is the amino acid used to make dopamine and noradrenaline, so it may directly enhance motivation, focus, and memory. Multiple clinical trials demonstrate that tyrosine supplementation can improve working memory, endurance, and focus. These involve healthy volunteers, healthy people under stress, and people with ADHD, where dopamine production is impaired [3]

Some benefits of tyrosine supplementation involve the autonomic nervous system, which we have no conscious control over. Older adults show impaired temperature control because of aging’s effects on the nervous system and neurotransmitter pathways, but tyrosine may partially restore this function to a youthful state. 

One clinical study found that, one hour after taking tyrosine, older volunteers’ body temperature control was much closer to that of younger volunteers. It is thought that the signaling effects of noradrenaline on the blood vessels were behind these benefits. On cold exposure, the neurotransmitter helps to control blood flow in order to prevent heat loss [4]

Sharp-PS Green (Phosphatidylserine)

Phosphatidylserine is another essential component of brain cell membranes. It also forms part of the myelin sheath's structure, which insulates brain cells to ensure healthy mental performance and motor function. 

Research involving older adults with cognitive decline shows that phosphatidylserine can improve and maintain brain health. Memory, learning, communication skills, socialization, and self-sufficiency are enhanced, alongside increased brain energy output. Overall, both biochemical and structural deterioration are prevented with the help of phosphatidylserine [5]

Phosphatidylserine may play a role in long-term brain health through neural regeneration. It helps to shuttle nerve growth factor down neurons, which assists in regeneration once it reaches its target area. Not only does this promote the brain cells’ survival, but the development of new branches, which assists in learning and neuroplasticity [6]. 

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime pine bark extract is a powerful antioxidant. It may protect the brain from damage caused by inflammation and oxidative stress, as seen in a study of people in critical condition after a brain injury. Preventing oxidative damage helps to stop the immune system from overreacting and harming your tissues.

Ten days of supplementation with pine bark extract significantly reduced inflammatory markers and protected their overall health. Even better, their 28-day survival rates improved from 71% to 86%. Much of the mortality and disability seen after brain injury has inflammation as an underlying cause. The cascade of inflammation means that more brain tissue is damaged besides the affected area [7].

Through its antioxidant effects, this extract may have an indirect hand in boosting brain energy. Oxidative stress impairs the function of mitochondria, the power plants of our cells. Brain fog and worsened overall brain function develop as a result, with long-term effects including a worsening of age-related cognitive decline [8]

How Does Performance Lab Mind Work?

Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic supplement stack that aims to act on all underlying factors for brain health. It enhances dopamine and noradrenaline production, provides antioxidant protection, increases brain cell regeneration, supports proper blood flow, and boosts brain energy. 

What Do Nootropics Do?

Nootropics are chosen for their potential to enhance cognitive function. Benefits that may catch the attention of manufacturers include a boost in neurotransmitter (brain chemicals) production, increased cerebral blood flow, antioxidant support, enhanced cellular energy production, and increased brain cell formation. 

These benefits may start to appear after your first dose, or take several weeks to become clear. What they mean for you is relief of brain fog, faster processing speed, improved memory retention, and overall better mental performance. 

Is It Safe To Take Nootropics? 

Nootropics have been safely used for years, with clinical trials on their ingredients sometimes including critically ill participants. Elderly volunteers and those with mental health issues have been involved too, as well as teenagers. However, nootropics are not recommended for children or pregnant women because they have not been studied in these populations. 

How Do You Take Performance Lab?

It’s quite simple—just take Performance Lab at the recommended dose on an empty stomach, to prevent fiber or other components of food from slowing absorption. Long-term, consistent use is advised to see significant results. 

Daily Dosage

The recommended Performance Lab Mind dosage is only one capsule each day. The company website recommends that you take it in the morning or early afternoon, so you can enjoy the boost in brain energy. 

Performance Lab Side Effects

When tested in healthy volunteers, the ingredients of the Performance Lab Mind formula have been safe without significant side effects. In schizophrenic participants, however, tyrosine supplementation may increase unwanted eye movements [3]

We advise caution with Performance Lab Mind, and nootropics that support dopamine production in general, if you take stimulant medications such as Adderall. These increase dopamine and noradrenaline in order to enhance focus and motivation, and together with nootropic supplements they may increase these neurotransmitters beyond healthy levels. 

Benefits of Performance Lab

Performance Lab Mind delivers several key benefits for your brain health. It may:

performance lab nootropics

  • Support cognitive function.
  • Enhance memory retention.
  • Increase mental energy.
  • Improve blood flow.
  • Relieve mental fatigue.

Supports Cognitive Function

Ingredients such as citicoline can support cognitive function in people of all ages. For example, a trial involving teenage boys demonstrated improved focus and psychomotor speed. This is the pairing of your cognitive and motor functions—essentially, connecting your brain to your body. They were less impulsive, and their accuracy improved on attention-related tests [9]

Boosts Memory

Performance Lab Mind is one of the best nootropics for memory, thanks to its focus on enhancing dopamine. The inclusion of L-tyrosine, the backbone of dopamine and noradrenaline, means it provides direct support. Dopamine spikes when we study, in order to reinforce information when we revise it, or make connections between older and newer pieces of related information [10]

Multiple clinical studies have shown that tyrosine supplementation can improve working memory. It seems to be more effective in otherwise healthy people, who may have started to experience age-related loss of brain functions or are tested under stressful situations [3]

Increase Energy

Tyrosine may increase energy production through its conversion to noradrenaline. Similar to adrenaline’s role in the fight or flight response, noradrenaline raises your heart rate and circulation in preparation for your need to run away from a threat. 

Additionally, noradrenaline increases energy production from fat and protein, even though it may in fact support muscle growth. This may make tyrosine and other noradrenaline-boosters helpful nootropics for weight loss [11]

Improves Blood Flow

Performance Lab Mind includes maritime pine bark extract to boost cerebral blood flow. Improved circulation means that your brain receives more oxygen and nutrients, and is able to flush out toxic metabolic waste products. 

A clinical trial involving people with coronary artery disease tested an eight-week course of the extract, to see what difference it made against a placebo. When volunteers took maritime pine bark extract, their bodies’ ability to dilate blood vessels improved from an average of 5.3 to 7.0, while the placebo group seemed to worsen. This benefit was associated with better antioxidant status [12]

Helps With Mental Exhaustion

Both physical and mental energy involve the conduction of impulses through the brain and muscles. Research involving soccer players found that, even though phosphatidylserine didn’t reduce oxidative stress or muscle soreness, it did improve physical performance. It was thought that phosphatidylserine’s ability to improve muscle excitation caused these gains [13]

Pros and Cons of Performance Lab

What are the best and worst things about Performance Lab supplements? 


  • Only the best quality supplemental forms of each ingredient are chosen.
  • Neurotransmitter, antioxidant, energy production, neural regeneration, and circulation support are all considered.
  • No fillers besides a non-toxic plant starch.
  • BPA-free bottles reduce the toxic effects of plastic pollution on the environment.


  • Key vitamins for neurotransmitter production are not included; you must purchase a Performance Lab multivitamin separately. 
  • Little support for reducing cortisol, a stress hormone that impairs brain regeneration.
  • Ingredients for enhancing serotonin, acetylcholine, and GABA production are not included in Performance Lab Mind. Mood, cognition, and anti-anxiety support may therefore be less than in other nootropics. 

Performance Lab Reviews

Performance Lab Reviews

Where To Buy Performance Lab Mind?

You can only buy Performance Lab Mind directly from the company’s website. There are a few unverified sellers on eBay, but they provide very little information about who they are. They do not have special discounts or refunds available, so it’s best to stick to the official site. 


Performance Lab Mind costs $69.99 per 30-dose bottle, with an average cost of $2.33 per dose. 

Refund Policy

If you take Performance Lab Mind, or any other Performance Lab supplement, for 30 days and are not satisfied with your results, you can request a refund (excluding shipping costs). However, this is only valid for your first order. 

Performance Lab Alternatives

There are more nootropic supplements on the market than just Performance Lab. Two of the best are Mind Lab Pro and NooCube. These are comprehensive nootropic stacks with wider ranges of ingredients. 

Mind Lab Pro

performance lab nootropics

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular nootropics for motivation. It is a stack containing 11 ingredients aimed at supporting brain function now, through neurotransmitter production and boosting circulation, and into the future, through cell regeneration and antioxidant protection. 

It features a few functions that Performance Lab Mind doesn’t. For example, it contains vitamins B6, folate (B9), and B12, which reduce the brain fog-triggering homocysteine while supporting the neurotransmitter pathways. A few of its ingredients, including Rhodiola rosea, lower the stress hormone cortisol too. This helps to prevent damage to brain cells [14] [15]

To learn more, read the full Mind Lab Pro review here. 



The NooCube nootropic stack includes seven ingredients and emphasizes increasing levels of acetylcholine and alpha-brain waves. Acetylcholine is vital for cognitive functions and expelling brain fog, while alpha brain waves promote a relaxed but alert state of mind. Boosting acetylcholine makes NooCube one of the best nootropics for memory.

NooCube contains Huperzine A, an extract from Chinese club moss that can enhance acetylcholine. Student volunteers in one study showed improved memory scores, possibly because they could retrieve memories faster. L-theanine, found in green tea, increases levels of the relaxing neurotransmitter, GABA, while boosting alpha brain waves [16] [17]

For more information, check out the complete NooCube review here. 


What are the most important takeaways from our Performance Lab Mind review? 

Does Performance Lab Actually Work?

Each ingredient in the Performance Lab Mind formula has been thoroughly tested in both laboratory research and human clinical trials. All are known to cross the blood-brain barrier, with some playing beneficial, longer-term roles in brain cell membranes.

Both healthy volunteers and those with brain disorders take part in these trials, but better results are found in healthy people seeking a performance boost during stressful situations or anti-aging benefits. If the brain supplement doesn’t work for you, you may need an ingredient not found in the formula. 

Is Performance Lab Mind Safe?

The ingredients in Performance Lab Mind are shown to be safe in a large number of clinical trials. As described above, some trials have even tested the ingredients on aged volunteers and critically ill patients. We do advise caution if you take any pharmaceutical or natural treatment that increases dopamine and noradrenaline, as Performance Lab Mind centers around this effect. 

Can You Take Performance Lab Every Day?

Yes. In fact, Performance Lab recommends that you take the Mind supplement daily and consistently. Clinical studies on each ingredient test daily doses over periods of weeks or months, too. 

Is Performance Lab Mind a Stimulant?

Performance Lab Mind provides necessary building blocks and nutrient cofactors that assist in brain energy production. You will likely feel reduced mental fatigue, but it is not designed to be over-stimulating. 

Which Nootropic Works the Best?

The best nootropic for you depends on your needs. If you need dopamine support, then nootropics with tyrosine or ingredients such as Bacopa monnieri are ideal. If you need to improve blood flow and antioxidant status, then maritime pine bark or ginkgo are ingredients to watch out for. For enhancing neural regeneration, lion’s mane or phosphatidylserine are priorities. 

How Fast Does Performance Lab Mind Work?

Some effects of Performance Lab Mind may even be noticeable in an hour. One study on L-tyrosine supplementation demonstrated improved body temperature control, through restored noradrenaline production, after one hour. Benefits from increased brain cell formation and cellular integrity may take weeks or months to become noticeable, however. 


Performance Lab Mind packs a punch as a nootropic supplement. Through enhancing dopamine, noradrenaline, circulation, and antioxidant status now, you can enjoy better brain function. By improving brain regeneration, it may safeguard your future, too. 

The manufacturing quality and level of thought put into choosing evidence-based ingredients mean we finish our Performance Lab Mind review with a thumbs up. 


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