Talkspace is an online therapy service, which allows people to have periodic live sessions with a licensed therapist over a phone or computer, as well as send text and audio messages to their therapist, and get a reply at least twice a day.

The text message feature is what particularly sets Talkspace apart from traditional face to face therapy, as people can sign up for unlimited messaging service with their therapist, and not wait a week or so till their next therapy session to address issues that they are facing today.

In this Talkspace review, we'll discuss all the pros and cons of therapy with Talkspace. A service that it is estimated that over 300,000 clients rely on.

Founded back in 2002, Talkspace has certainly had times to work all the bugs out of the system. Here are some of the most prominent pros and cons to Talkspace (yes, this is a legitimate review, not a sales copy, so we do point out negatives and problems as well with the service.)


  • An easy signup service
  • You are matched with several therapists, but ultimately the choice is yours.
  • You can communicate via text, audio, or video messaging and get a response back five days a week.
  • Talkspace is easy to set up on your smartphone
  • Live sessions are also available


  • Some therapists have a lot of clients and therefore provide short, pithy responses to queries.
  • Some therapists are busy with other clients and have difficulty recalling previous conversations.
  • Matching may take a few days.
  • There is no free trial period
  • You are billed for the month or longer, not via individual sessions.

Things to consider before signing up for Talkspace

Realize that some mental health problems require a detailed diagnosis, and may require a number of personal counseling sessions as well as perhaps even medication or inpatient programs.

Talkspace claims to treat all addictions, substance abuse, bipolar issues, trauma, and abuse problems. We personally feel most of those issues are better suited to a local therapist or psychiatrist.

This is not to say that a Talkspace therapist wouldn't help, but we know first hand from a bipolar patient in the family that having local help is essential. So our personal rule is the more serious and life-threatening the issue is, the less likely a distance therapy program should be considered.

Still, that leaves hundreds of other counseling issues, where communicating regularly with a therapist via text can help.

Just remember, a therapist is there to be an objective sounding board and to suggest options for you to think about and explore, not to be your trusted advisor to give you all the answers. They are there to help you find your own answers.

Features and benefits of Talkspace

The great advantage of Talkspace, of course, is that your therapist can be a sort of temporary lifeline when issues and problems become seemingly overwhelming, even if they really are not. The convenience of having a therapist on-call is the benefit here.

We remember when we went through a major crisis in marriage. On the one hand, we knew that the woman we were married to was toxic, had extreme anger issues, and there was really no way the two of us could have a satisfying marriage.

On the other hand, before marrying her, we were a divorced single parent, and in general, she was very good for the kids. So our personal problem at that time was I would divorce to regain my own sanity or grin and bear it for the sake of my kids.

Therapy concerning divorce and relationships is one of the prime examples of where having Talskpace could have been very valuable.

The fact that Talkspace provides unlimited text and audio reach-outs is truly a great thing in the field of mental health because most healthy people without deep problems such as substance abuse, anorexia, or persistent thoughts of suicide just need a little boost to get them through the day.

And contact with a therapist, even over text, can provide that boost.

The overwhelming amount of clients who sign up for Talkspace to not have deep-seated issues that take months to uncover, such as trauma and repressed childhood memories.

In fact, were their friends and family objective, they could often obtain much of the same recommendations from their friends or family, but as most friends or family members are far from objective or personally involved with them, a therapist is necessary.

So the choice isn't either signing up for Talkspace or no therapy whatsoever, but the choice is to whether find someone locally or sign up remotely.

One thing that should be noted in your decision is cost. While it's convenient to sign up for Talkspace, most health insurance plans do not cover it under their policies.

As a result, you may wind up paying up to $250 for the convenience of having a therapist on call, so to speak.

Social Proof Talkspace works

It's not hard to find Talkspace Review sites throughout the internet. Here are a few examples:

Single mom testimonial (T.L.)

Being a single mom can be tough. The hectic lifestyle often allows little time or money for therapy. Terri Linton used Talkspace to bypass these barriers and connect with a therapist who understood her mental health issues.

Anxiety issues (W.W.)

When her anxiety came back in full force, and she didn't have time to reconnect with her in-person therapist, Wendy Wisner tried Talkspace and loved it. Our unlimited messaging helped her quickly open up to her therapist and make progress.

Progress in social issues (R.S.)

"My therapist] has been there for me, pushed me when she knew I could handle it, coddled me when she knew I needed it, challenged me when I didn't think I was strong enough and applauded me when I wouldn't acknowledge my hard work."

Alternatives to Talkspace


Very similar to Talkspace, you get matched up with a trained therapist, there are three advantages: it's cheaper, you can sign up weekly rather than just paying monthly, and there is a $25 limited trial.

Better Health

Claiming to be even larger than Talkspace, Better Health also matches licensed therapists to clients and has over 10,000 therapists who work with them.

The major benefit to Better Health as that some therapist sessions only cost around $160 per month, while others are as expensive as Talkspace.

7 Cups

7 Cups has only 180 trained therapists but has over 300,000 trained listeners who are absolutely free to chat with. Who knows, maybe that's all you need but an objective listener.


Talkspace is a definite player in the therapy game, and the ability to get real-world advice today is a good enough reason, while over 300,000 people use the service.

For convenience, however, there is a price to be paid, and people should comparison shop. After all, until you are matched up with a remote therapist, you really don't know how good they are.

Since both CarePaths and Better Care can do it cheaper, for the consumer, then, a certain amount of luster surrounding Talkspace can be chalked up to the hype.

For those with less than serious problems, we also prefer being able to sign up weekly rather than monthly.


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